The human tragedy

The human tragedy, set with a poor rhino as the main character.

Materialist or spiritual alike, all obsessing over ideas, completely oblivious to their constant chasing of dreams of "better than this", completely disinterested in examining themselves and see that if they only took their eyes off that ideal, the source of all that exhaustion and disillusionment and accompanying emotions would be pretty easy to find. But considering the appeal of that unicorn, it's much easier to blame the non-unicorn for all that which doesn't work out inside or in the outer world...

It's so obvious when it's a rhino and a unicorn, isn't it? Yet, we don't even notice our own exhausting chasing of that unicorn, which symbolises not just a warped self-image, but everything we believe in, all politics and -isms, all solutions and finger-pointing. How can the running cease if we don't even notice that we're doing it? How can anything be solved unless we take our gaze off the idea in our head and turn our attention to ourselves and what we're doing? How can anything change anywhere unless each and every one of us takes complete responsibility for our own part in the madness?

Can you notice your own dissatisfaction, your own ideas of what needs to change, all the blame and all the games? Can you identify how you never come to rest and never find lasting contentment?

Are you willing to step out of this psychosis and look honestly at the only thing that can ever bring you to peace - yourself?

PS: If you believe that this is something "others" do and not yourself, you are in an even worse place than what I'm talking about...

PPS: This is not about what society does to you, this is what you do to yourself and equally(!) to others through your convictions. This is endlessly deep if you are willing to go beyond the immediate "be yourself" message of the image.

(14 August 2015)

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