Come sit with me.
All I need is a touch,
eyes saying welcome.

Nothing else.

Allow the words to turn to silence,
For I do not need to hear what is wrong
with me.

The story makes me hideous.

I have something to share with you,
but how can I if you refuse to listen?
How can you get to know me
if you drown me in explanations?

I am only pain,
I cannot hurt you.
Yet still you back away.

Don't reject me just because they call me dark,
for you know what it feels like when others do that
to you.

I think you are different.

But first you need to make friends
with this fear you have of me,
of this part of yourself
that wants to push me away.

Only then,

when you can look me in the eye
without pity and prejudice,
when you know the part of you
that refuses access to your loving heart,

will you know why you feel me so ugly.

So come sit with me
and listen to this silence
as I tear you apart.

For, through me, you are finally
giving yourself

(12 May 2015)

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