That one perfect diet that is superior; That view of God that trumps all others; That conviction that no such thing exists, obviously; That political view that all sane people share; That way of life that everyone should follow that would make the world a much better place; That thing that says "I know better than you! If only people would understand and see the light!"

Can you feel it in yourself?

Do you remember what you took to be absolutely true when you were a child or an angry teenager? You got older and wiser and left many of those beliefs behind, yet still you find yourself equally firm in your present beliefs about yourself and the world, excitedly sharing them with like-minded ones while talking down "the others" that don't get it.

You think that NOW you got it, never realising that you are still only clinging to the very mechanism that produced your past and silly beliefs in the first place. Nothing changed other than the content.

Notice what happens when someone or something disagrees with your beliefs, the annoyance, the anger, the defensiveness that submerges you in the struggle for dominance. You lash out, on the outside or on the inside, fueling the hate that ravages the world. Yes, you too...

Turn on the tv and see what people do to each other when they are convinced they know better. You are no different and I am no different. We just feel superior because we don't kill or maim, yet we harbour a slight satisfaction when someone does it to "those that deserve it", a satisfaction that turns out to be anything but slight when looked at closely. We rejoice when those that do not "deserve" our respect get smacked around. Schadenfreude and glee. Yet it comes with that unpleasant aftertaste...

Our beliefs have poisoned our relationships, stepped on anyone around us and brought violence into the world.

"You have no love in your heart!"
"You don't care about anyone but yourself!"
"You are an idiot! And ugly to boot!"
"I am not worth loving! A living failure..."
"Fucking neo-liberals and fucking communists!"

Don't trust your mind. Don't trust your mind. Don't trust your mind.

Expose it for what it is and look fearlessly into the darkness. See that the convinced teenager never changed, that the hate never went away just because you convinced yourself that you aren't like those "others" that hate. Notice that humility is just another word to you. It's okay, we're all the same.

Your beliefs are those of a confused child in a threatening world. It is an endless fight to keep your head above water - for the world makes no sense if everything I believe in is just stardust. How can I get up in the morning if I don't know anything about anything? How would the world be a better place if I don't know better and act on it?

Forget about others. This is about you and only you. People much wiser than you have tried to tell you to take the log out of your own eye before worrying about those of others - since beginningless time. But you know better of course... What do they know anyway?

All belief shares the same source, so forget about differentiating. It pops up and demands to be taken seriously, and not least to be acted upon. When it does, know it to be just another thought, just another conviction, just another movement in yourself that makes everyone else wrong. You just notice it, and the very noticing, the very daring to look and to see, is a flash of light in a dark space. Laugh, for at that moment you are no longer in the clutches of belief. Right there and then, when you see that it is just another certainty that asserts itself, like a know-it-all with his nose in the air, you are taking violence out of circulation.

Relax, let go of the game, and see what happens with time.

Freedom is just a word until you become free from your own partaking in the game.

(10 April 2015)

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